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In PROMARK MEXICO we specialize in recording and shielding ® brands.


The intellectual property is one of the strongest in that companies can rely on to increase their value and positioning pillars.


We can help; our offer is custom and ideal strategy to grow together.


We want to be your business partner.


The name of a product, service, image or the name of a company can become an asset with monetary value that could appreciate. Failure to apply for protection others may benefit from your investments.


Currently companies with a registered trademark could be in danger and not know it. Not having a good legal advice on industrial property could cause a problem, since the correct use of a trademark and its registration should be linked with each other, otherwise a third party could take advantage of it and unregistered in that count.


We can support you in: Legal Advisory Trademark Litigation Trademark Registration National Brand, Trademark International Protocol MADRID, USA, Asia, Central and South America, European Community - 27 Countries Use Licenses Brand, Assignments of Rights Brand, Trademark Audit (verified that their duly Registered Trademark) and Sell Trademarks.


National patent

International Patent Application PCT

Utility Models

Industrial Designs

Financial Support

Linkage Conventions

Contracts for Tequila production.

Certification C.A.E. (Certificate of Approval Tequila Bottlers)

Use Licenses


Trade Secrets

Registers Import and Export


Official Mexican norm "NOM"

Counseling Resources Protection of Inventions and Patents.

Bar codes, trade secrets, norms, among others.


international priority

Exclusive right to use


International Protection

Increase in value, prestige and security

You can franchise, license or sell your brand

It prevents someone from stealing your identity and business customers

Protect the most important assets of your company

It is a necessary condition for many legal actions



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